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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Underscore Notify 4.0 submitted to Apple

After almost a year of work the new major version of Notify is finally submitted to Apple and contains tons of new features and improvements.


  • completely rewritten rendering pipeline that is faster, uses much less memory, is more responsive and higher quality
  • all remote services have been revamped so that now all services support syncing and you can specify what format
  • support for FTP, WebDAV and iDisk
  • exporting as text
  • select pages to include when exporting to PDF
  • upgraded to latest version of WritePad engine
  • new user feedback website accessible from inside the application
  • smarter algorithm for converting photos to drawing layer
  • indicator of current zoom level
  • much better support of Retina display devices
  • audio recordings can now span several pages
  • application launch password
  • new music paper background


  • smarter auto advance for docked magnified mode
  • better support for external keyboard
  • merged pen & fill format popover to one popover on iPad
  • don't use separate format per mode by default
  • use manual wrist guard inside magnified view
  • faster restart from background
  • better security for entered passwords
  • much smaller memory foot print which should lead to less spurious crashes
  • added manual degree entry for rotate image
  • swapped place of toolbars on iPhone
  • reset zoom now zooms to selection
  • OmniFocus export now goes to specific page
  • deleting one object of a PDF now deletes all pages of it
  • allow viewing URL of web clipping
  • upgraded OCR engine to latest version


  • crash when moving document to last place in document list
  • crash when going out of tutorials or map view quickly
  • crash when entering non ASCII7 character in web search box
  • crash when making magnified window fill entire screen
  • crash when deleting audio element while recording
  • crash when inserting photo and resizing
  • memory leak during undo
  • fixed lost Evernote auth token
  • layout bugs in notebook list after showing keyboard
  • layout bug for popovers on iPhone when status bar hidden
  • calculate text now works

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