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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Finally some news to report

Things have been very slow for a while here at Underscore, but they are finally picking up and I have some news to report.

  • I have created a new site Underscore ideas for users to submit and vote on future enhancements on products. I have not yet populated this with all items in my back log, but they will be added over the next few days.
  • I have finally managed to wrestle control over the community site from spammers (I hope). In the process I removed somewhere between 30000 to 50000 spam messages and around 2000 registered users. If you had registered on the community site and not yet made a post I am sorry but your account would also have been deleted. If you need to just register again. I am working my way through the back log of messages sent to answer them but from now on the forum should work a lot smoother.
  • A minor update of Notify that fixes several issues with iOS 5 and also enabled WritePad based on if the stand alone app is installed has been submitted to Apple about a week ago.
  • A much bigger update of Notify is almost ready to be submitted to Apple which contains major new features and performance improvements. I estimate that this will be submitted to Apple within 2-3 weeks. I have also started using proper project tracking software to guide me in my estimates so this should more accurate than my previous estimates.

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