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Monday, November 15, 2010

Underscore Notify 3.2 is finally out in the AppStore


+ fully customizable quick entry text bar (enter user-selected characters, words and phrases)
+ southpaw support (rotates the manual wrist guard to protect the left-hand side)
+ option to downsize high-resolution images during import
+ automatic scrolling on reaching the edge of the display (when moving or resizing)
+ button switching between pen and eraser in magnify mode
+ short pause in magnify mode before it auto-repositions
+ bookmarklet support (send the current url direct from your browser to a notebook)
+ text cursor keys (iPad)
+ hide toolbars and statusbar (four-finger tap)
+ full-screen text mode now also supports iPad
+ cork and wood backgrounds
+ iOS 4.2 ready


• better handwriting responsiveness
• page zooming down to 8x magnification
• custom magnify mode zoom
• additional visual feedback when playing embedded audio
• play embedded audio even if the device is muted
• copying-and-pasting text to another App now supports both image and text formats
• OCR now works on everything in a frame (not just on the drawing layer)
• unassigned tags remain listed (until Notify is closed)
• faster startup when Notify is launched from within other Apps
• page counter on insert bar
• redesigned page control icon (now shows current and total pages)
• quicker and more stable undo function
• better background image for the Notify Web Server


- resolved conflict of docked magnify tool not changing during page zoom
- magnify mode no longer gets over-enlarged when page zooming
- resolved problem with autoscroll in magnify mode
- Notify Web Server is now stopped when you exit Notify
- network accessing indicator no longer continues to spin after completion of a download
- resolved crash when editing auto-correction in WritePad™
- WritePad™ settings are now saved on an iPhone
- resolved a bug which resulted in intermittent undo failures
- magnify mode now shows the correct help tip
- text format toolbar now only appears when editing text fields
- editing text no longer leaves the display occasionally unresponsive
- high-resolution images now update and rotate correctly
- maps now export correctly
- resolved occasional notebook list crash
- dismiss keyboard now working in formatting dialogs
- resolved problem where more pages than requested were being added
- minor fixes to pointer mode and snap-to-grid
- minor fixes to both manual and automatic wrist guard functions
- request for user to review the App has been updated


+ iDisk and support for many more remote services
+ better whiteboard to drawing support
+ word and character counts
+ page bookmarks and in notebook searching


  1. You need to clearly identify how to add Phatpad (Writepad); otherwise, customers will use your link in the Help file and pay $9.99 to add the Phatpad app and it will not work in your program. What they need to do is add it through the writing button in the text edit frame within your program. This option only costs $2.99. What is more, you need to clearly indicate that only the English version of Phatpad will work. I needed to write in English and Spanish and spent close to $15 and am disappointed.

  2. Have you considered integrating your program with Pogoplug?

  3. Have you considered creating a viewer program for Windows? Not everyone is full mac.

  4. One last hint for serious users:

    If you plan importing, marking up, and exporting PDF documents through Dropbox, then you have to turn off the Export PDF & text as image option. Otherwise, you will produce a fuzzy marked-up PDF file--fuzzy in terms of readable text, that is.

  5. In regards to the Writepad the link in the help is part of my contractual obligation to Phatware and can't be changed on my end. I will clarify that it is the English only version of Writepad that is available though. Sorry for this omission.

    In regards to Pogoplug I have never even heard of it. I might consider adding it in the future now that I have but there are many other services that are before it on my list to add unfortunately.

    There are no plans on making a desktop viewer either for Mac or Windows. If I ever do Windows will definitely be first though. I will probably provide a Honeycomb version before I do a desktop version though.

    Finally in regards to the Export PDF option you are talking about that is an option but it might lead to garbled text due to a bug in the iOS PDF generation library where it does not embedd fonts as needed in a lot of cases.