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Monday, August 9, 2010

Underscore Notify available now in the AppStore

Our first application geared towards iPad called Underscore Notify is now available in the AppStore.

If you want to easily take notes using your iPad or iPhone look no further. Regardless of if you just want to quickly scribble a note or want to read a large document (Imported from PDF or a web page) while scribbling notes on it this application is for you!

Notify has an intuitive interface for working with many kinds of data to keep simple things fast and easy while more complex tasks are still possible.


  1. 2.0 bug? in iPad version, when accessing DropBox, only Folders show up. PDF or any other kind of file at the uppermost Parent level or within any folder do not appear. They do, however, appear properly in the iPhone version.

  2. Pls disregard my prev comment abt DropBox directory display only Folders. It works.