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Friday, October 30, 2009

Underscore Wallet 2.0 accepted

This version adds a lot of extra functionality while still maintaining the clean and easy to use interface of the original version of Underscore Wallet.
  • Support recording fully encrypted voice memos of unlimited length.
  • Add support for multiple levels of passwords for different levels of security.
  • Full support for editing templates of what to save for each type of item.
  • Ability to customize the fields of each individual item as well.
  • You can now export items in your wallet through email (Not encrypted unfortunately). Voice recordings and images will also be included as attachments.
  • Will now log in automatically when the correct password is entered without needing to press the done button.
  • Allow sorting of lists of items per category.
  • Don't show empty fields of items when not editing.
  • Password attempt limit lock out for additional security.
  • Tons of other minor tweaks and fixes from previous versions.

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