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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Underscore Notify 4.0.2 is available now in the AppStore

The most recent bug fix release that fixes several update issues and one bad data corruption issue is now available in the AppStore.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Reason prevailed Notify 4.0.1 is now available in the AppStore

After politely asking Apple to reconsider their rejection of Notify in the AppStore yesterday they today relented and made the most recent upgrade available without the 17+ age restriction.


  • ability to export directly to another application


  • added option to bring back old auto advance in docked mode (check settings)
  • you can now more easily exit a sub menu on iPhone


  • fixed crash when needing to move focus while editing text
  • fixed several issues when using Kanji keyboard
  • fixed issue where you couldn't change font size or type
  • fixed issue when you forgot to add protocol to WebDAV url
  • fixed several minor issues with retina display usage

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Notify 4.0.1 release just got rejected by Apple

Here is the reason

Since your application contains a web browser and allows unfiltered access to the internet, where content with mature or suggestive themes can be accessed, it should be rated 17+. Applications must be rated accordingly for the highest level of content that the user is able to access.

I'm upset and confused about this decision. First of all if I go along with it, it means that the application will become unavailable in several markets (For instance Korea and Suadi Arabia).

Secondly I don't understand why they chose a critical bug fix as the timing for a rejection of this reason. Especially for a feature that has been in the application since it's inception 2 years ago.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Underscore Notify 4.0 is available now in the AppStore

The new version is now available in the AppStore! See previous post for information about changes.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Underscore Notify 4.0 submitted to Apple

After almost a year of work the new major version of Notify is finally submitted to Apple and contains tons of new features and improvements.


  • completely rewritten rendering pipeline that is faster, uses much less memory, is more responsive and higher quality
  • all remote services have been revamped so that now all services support syncing and you can specify what format
  • support for FTP, WebDAV and iDisk
  • exporting as text
  • select pages to include when exporting to PDF
  • upgraded to latest version of WritePad engine
  • new user feedback website accessible from inside the application
  • smarter algorithm for converting photos to drawing layer
  • indicator of current zoom level
  • much better support of Retina display devices
  • audio recordings can now span several pages
  • application launch password
  • new music paper background


  • smarter auto advance for docked magnified mode
  • better support for external keyboard
  • merged pen & fill format popover to one popover on iPad
  • don't use separate format per mode by default
  • use manual wrist guard inside magnified view
  • faster restart from background
  • better security for entered passwords
  • much smaller memory foot print which should lead to less spurious crashes
  • added manual degree entry for rotate image
  • swapped place of toolbars on iPhone
  • reset zoom now zooms to selection
  • OmniFocus export now goes to specific page
  • deleting one object of a PDF now deletes all pages of it
  • allow viewing URL of web clipping
  • upgraded OCR engine to latest version


  • crash when moving document to last place in document list
  • crash when going out of tutorials or map view quickly
  • crash when entering non ASCII7 character in web search box
  • crash when making magnified window fill entire screen
  • crash when deleting audio element while recording
  • crash when inserting photo and resizing
  • memory leak during undo
  • fixed lost Evernote auth token
  • layout bugs in notebook list after showing keyboard
  • layout bug for popovers on iPhone when status bar hidden
  • calculate text now works

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Underscore Notify 3.2.2 is available now in the AppStore

Apple finally approved this new version which fixes several iOS 5 issues and also enables WritePad for owners of the stand alone application plus several other minor fixes.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Finally some news to report

Things have been very slow for a while here at Underscore, but they are finally picking up and I have some news to report.

  • I have created a new site Underscore ideas for users to submit and vote on future enhancements on products. I have not yet populated this with all items in my back log, but they will be added over the next few days.
  • I have finally managed to wrestle control over the community site from spammers (I hope). In the process I removed somewhere between 30000 to 50000 spam messages and around 2000 registered users. If you had registered on the community site and not yet made a post I am sorry but your account would also have been deleted. If you need to just register again. I am working my way through the back log of messages sent to answer them but from now on the forum should work a lot smoother.
  • A minor update of Notify that fixes several issues with iOS 5 and also enabled WritePad based on if the stand alone app is installed has been submitted to Apple about a week ago.
  • A much bigger update of Notify is almost ready to be submitted to Apple which contains major new features and performance improvements. I estimate that this will be submitted to Apple within 2-3 weeks. I have also started using proper project tracking software to guide me in my estimates so this should more accurate than my previous estimates.